The boy who grew up to be a man.

It’s early morning. You’re lying in bed, all tucked up. You look at the little clock at the wall. It stands “05:30am” you put the blanket over you and grunts and tries to sleep. Just when you closed your eyes. You hear crying. It’s from a baby? A baby’s cries? You walk down, and the further you walk to the front door,  the screaming get louder. You slowly open the door. The sight just want to make you cry. It feels like it’s taken out from a Disney movie. When you think of it, it reminds you more of Harry Potter. You croach downn to the little basket, and you pick up a note. 

"Please take care of our Soohyun." 

You gasp and carefully remove the blanket from the baby’s face. You sigh and shrugs your shoulders. "How can I take care of a little baby on my own?" You gaze through the street and shakes your head. Then you pick up the little baby. "So it’s Soohyun eh? Well, hello!*waves* I’m your new mother! appearently..” You walk inside with your new baby…

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Imagine#1: Waking up to this♥

Imagine#1: Waking up to this♥

New blog!

Hello! So, I don’t know when it happened, but tumblr deleted my other scenario blog. Soo.. I made a new one! ^^ and, I am asking YOU for help!

I need some people to help me make things and help promote this site! 

So, to become an admin, please go to my MAIN blog, and submit a picture that you have made with an imagine, confession or a scenario, and leave your e-mail address on the submission. I’ll then e-mail you if you are the one selected! ^^ 

Please!! I want this to go well!~